Draw Game odds Calculator

Equity Calculator App for several draw games

Equity calculator app for mix game lovers

There are equity calculator apps for major draw games such as 2-7.

But minor draw game equity calculator apps such as Badugi or Badacey does not exist.

So we will be releasing a simple simulation-based equity calculator apps for draw games include minor games.

Supported games are as follows

  • 2-7

  • Badugi

  • A-5

  • Badacey

  • Badeucy

Attention : Output equity is based on single draw.

Understanding the difference in equity between different games

Comparing 2-7 and Badugi, in the same 1-draw situation, 2-7 equity of 7 draw and T draw are close (60% vs 40%), but in badugi, winner already has the advantage, 3-tri vs 7-tri, 3-tri have 80% win rate

Calculator the equity for split games

In Badacey, even same-tri A23 vs A234, A23 is not the far behind.

And if tri win, A23 is favored against A234


We run 10,000 simulations from the given hand state to the showdown state and output the expected value of the simulation

Related apps

We also released stud game equity calculator app (2-7 Razz, Razzdugi etc)

We also plant to release board games equity calculator app such as Double Board Omaha, Big O

Release timing

It will be made available as soon as it is released to the Apple Store and the review process is complete.


If you have any questions please feel free contact to us.

Email : contact(atmark)mm-asset.com